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  • October 7, 2019
  • October 4, 2019
    • About: Shipments
    • Currently, we are taking and warehousing for the holiday season.
      Therefore, shipping work is delayed about a week.
      As sonn as its process is over, shipping will be resumed.
  • June 25, 2019
    • About OHTO Horizon Series:
      Horizon Gel Pen [NKG-605H Series] is back in stock.
      As OHTO Horizon series has received orders far above the supply volume, we have adjsuted the shipment qty as below.
    • Horizon Pen [NBP-707H Series] limits the maximum number of orders per customer per month to 50 each color.
    • Horizon Pen EU [NBP-887H EURO Series] and Gel [NKG-605H Series]
      limits the maximum number of orders per customer per month to 20 each color.
    • Please understanding that it's hard work to get the products to as many customers as possible.
      If the production improved, shipment volume will be improved as well.


Spiral Notebook w/ Leather Cover

Leather Material

Tannin is sufficiently tanned and finish only with dyeing not subjected to surface processing. Because it uses Nume leather which tastes of nature comes out, gloss increases enough to wear and you can enjoy the change with the passage of time.



Adopted a new structure to set the inside of the slit through the cover and back cover of the notebook. Since the notebook and cover are not fixed perfectly, the ring part moves smoothly even with spiral notebook, it is able to fold back the notebook half with the cover attached.

Engraved Logo

Engraved Logo

In the top of the cover, let's feel the history of the brand, engraved with the cursive brand logo. On the back cover, a ball mark impressing the baseball which is the origin of the brand is stamped.

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